Ultra Yellow Jewelry Mold Rubber
Ultra Yellow Jewelry Mold Rubber

Satek Ultra Yellow Jewelry Molding Rubber 180 °C

1 Hardness (Shore) 44 - 46
2 Vulcanization Temp. 170 / 180 °C
3 Vulcanization Time 25 / 15 min
4 Shrinkage ≤2%

Ultra Yellow Mold Rubber gives waxes a smooth, shiny finish that won’t stick to the mold and shiny waxes mean less finishing.

Ultra Yellow Mold Rubber ideal to be used also as an insert. Its enough strength gives this rubber high elasticity during waxes extraction, especially for the most complicated and delicate ones

  • Competitive price
  • Smooth shiny waxes
  • Easy to cut and easy to use
  • Make complex molds

Siliconas Microfusión Ultra Amarillo 180 °C

Microfusión por el método de la cera perdida, tanto para joyería y bisutería como para aplicaciones industriales en acero.

Резина силиконовая Ультра желтый 180 °C

Синтетическая силиконовая резина специально разработана для тиражирования восковых моделей ювелирных изделий

The required vulcanization time prolongs with increasing thickness of the rubber layer.

The factors that affect the shrinkage rate of the rubber compound: the higher the curing temperature, the greater the shrinkage rate. In general, the temperature of each increase of 10 degrees C, the shrinkage rate increased by 0.2% ~ 0.5%

Safe temperature: 135°C longer than 20 minutes.

Typical temperature: 175°C about 12 minutes.

DO NOT immerse the bracket in cold water.

We recommend to extract the silicone mould from the bracket where it was polymerized only when its temperature reaches room temperature.

The model to be embedded in Jewelry Mold Rubber must be perfectly clean and dry for production of the best possible molds

Available in a variety of thickness

Thickness : 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 mm

Jewelry Mold Rubber Standard Product Size

wdt_ID Product Size W (mm) L (mm) H (Thickness) (mm) Average Weight (gr)
1 Standard Product Size 300 300 8 800 - 1100

Jewelry Mold Rubber Package for Standard Size

wdt_ID Package Size (WxLxH) Width (cm) Length (cm) Height (cm) Quantity (pcs) Est. Gross Weight (Kg)
1 Small Box Size 32 32 5 6 6 - 7
2 Big Box Size 33 33 32 30 25 - 30
3 Pallet Size 80 120 110 540 530 - 580